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Every day, nonprofit boards are charting the future for their nonprofit organizations.  They are the driving force in the governance, sustainability and the direction of the organization.  Effective boards can provide a strong foundation and framework for success. Without a strong board, however, most nonprofits face unnecessary challenges and can show limited success in meeting their mission and community need. Boards need to hold themselves accountable, but without clear information, leadership and skill development, it is almost impossible to do so.

The Partnership is offering the following 3 trainings as part of the Andeavor Nonprofit Leadership Institute for Board Leaders. Check our Events calendar for specific training dates.

  • The ABC’s of Board Governance: February 8, 2018
  • Achieving Board Excellence: March 8, 2018
  • Dynamic Board Chairs: April 20, 2018

The ABC’s of Board Governance

Offered twice per year, this half-day workshop is designed to develop and strengthen board leadership. Through applied learning, theory and best practices, participants will develop their strengths and help to shape a stronger nonprofit sector. Open to all levels of board leadership and executive directors, each organization may participate in teams with a minimum of 1 executive director and 1 board member, with up to 3 board members included in the reservation.

The ABC’s of Board Governance will be a half-day workshop designed to: 

  • Understand and integrate board roles and responsibilities
  • Stages of board development
  • Board leadership skills
  • Strengthen the nonprofit sector

Achieving Board Excellence

Board performance is critical to the success of a nonprofit organization, and their ability to achieve impact. What does board excellence look like?  And how can nonprofit boards become more effective? While boards and executive leadership often spend the time to ensure that they select great board members, staying current on best practices and monitoring performance comes secondary. This workshop is designed as an interactive workshop for teams of board members and the executive director/CEO.

The Achieving Board Excellence workshop is designed to: 

  • Best Practices and resources
  • Board assessment and tools to monitor performance
  • Current and emerging trends in the nonprofit sector
  • Action Planning

Dynamic Board Chair

The role of a nonprofit board chair is paramount to ensuring an engaged and high-functioning board, which leads to ensuring a healthy, viable nonprofit organization. S/he should personify good governance and board leadership that shapes the culture and impact of the board. Through a specially designed program exclusively for current and incoming chairs,  participants will engage in an interactive workshop lead by a content expert and program facilitator. Open to current and incoming Board Chairs only.

The Board Chair Leadership Development workshop is designed to: 

  • Identify the Key roles of the Board Chair
  • Enhance strategic thinking and planning
  • Address leadership and governance challenges
  • Building and strengthening the board: recruitment and work strucutres
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