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Reflections on the Sector

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Last month I sat on a panel, Funding Nonprofit Capacity Building Efforts That Work, for Exponent Philanthropy, Focusing Philanthropy, Van Nuys Charities, and the Southern California Grantmakers. Sharing the table for a discussion on effective capacity building and how funders can leverage their support for greater impact were funders Wendy Chang, Dwight Stuart Youth Fund, and Joe Womac, Specialty Family Foundation, as well as my colleague, David Factor, Executive Service Corps. This was but one of many conversations going on right now illuminating the need to invest in nonprofits in a more meaningful way – infrastructure, systems, staff – to assist them to better meet their internal needs so that they can better meet their communities’ needs.

President Obama recently said that nonprofits are the lifeblood of America and I agree. How would our society survive without the nonprofits that help educate our children, work to eradicate violence, bring culture to our communities, feed our hungry and shelter those in need, etc.?

At the Nonprofit Partnership we also believe that investments in infrastructure are vital for the health of our sector. Whether it’s preparing the next generation of nonprofit executives, creating spaces for networking and peer learning, building professional skills and abilities, aiding organizations through transformation and growth, or fostering good board leadership, we provide are the infrastructure support that organizations rely upon.

There has never been a better time to be a part of our Partnership. The strength of the Nonprofit Partnership comes from the commitment of its members, partners, funders and stakeholders. Thank you for your support.

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