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Program Manager (The Nonprofit Partnership)

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Position Title:                     Program Manager

Status:                                  Full-time, Exempt

Reports to:                          Senior Program Manager

About The Nonprofit Partnership:

The Nonprofit Partnership (TNP) is a regional capacity builder for community organizations, supporting nonprofit organizations and professionals for 25 years.  Focused on providing opportunities to expand learning, and professional and organizational growth, TNP supports hundreds of organizations each year to reach greater impact in their communities.  TNP currently serves over 1,300 individuals each year, providing professional development, leadership training, coaching, and facilitation to meet the needs of the community in three ways (or what we refer to as the three gears of capacity building): Individual, Organization, and Sector support. Our approach is one that focuses on the delivery of quality, individualized support and resources to client organizations with training and education, customized support, and collaboration.

Summary of Position:

The Program Manager oversees all aspects of the Best Start Program which includes strategy design and implementation, communications with stakeholders, grant and contract management, effectiveness, and program budgeting. 


Best Start Program Overview:

TNP is responsible for supporting First 5 LA Best Start Initiative in Region 4 (Central Long Beach and Wilmington). In this capacity, TNP oversees and ensures that community residents improve strengthen families and support children ages 0-5 through policy and systems changes. This placed-based initiative focuses on impacting systemic changes fueled by adult and youth resident engagement, collaboration & resource sharing, and strategic communication about community needs and solutions. TNP supports the Best Start Initiate by contracting with local organizations to implement develop and implement community change agendas in each community. TNP supports the work of the subcontractors by coordinating organizational capacity building, regional learning, collective advocacy, network building, resource mobilization and multi-level coordination for the region.

Program Manager Overview

The Program Manager (PM) is a critical position in that it is responsible for strategically moving forward Region 4’s goals and objectives, as established by the Community Partnerships (CP) and in tandem with the LNC partners. This position ensures that relationships and trust are strong with the LNCs, community members, and First5 LA. The PM position is distinguished by leading in the design and implementation of engagement strategies with all stakeholders, including among other networks and organizations outside of Region 4. Overall, the PM ensures that TNP’s role as the regional support agency, serving as the lead convener and facilitator for Region 4’s steering committee, is fulfilled with a high degree of trust, collaboration and transparency. The PM will regularly collaborate with and maintain a high degree of trust, collaboration and communication with LN agencies, members of the Best Start Community Partnerships in Central Long Beach and Wilmington, and other stakeholders such as F5LA, elected and appointed leaders and other community groups.

Essential Functions

· Manages all aspects of the Best Start Program which includes strategy design and implementation, communications with stakeholders, grant and contract management, effectiveness, and program budgeting.

· Manages the relationship between Local Network organizations subcontractors (LN) , TNP, and First 5 LA.

· Assesses the organizational capacity needs of TNP and the LN organizations to fulfill their respective roles.

· Engages local stakeholders to strengthen existing relationships and build new strategic partnerships.

· Fully supports the work of each LN organization to assess the needs of each Community Partnership in Central Long Beach and Wilmington

· Working with the LN from each community, convenes around learning activities across the region and contributes to the development of First 5 LA’s Best Start Learning Agenda.

· Leads strategic direction and clearly communicates the goals, interests, and positions in negotiations or in conflicting situations.

· Works closely with a contracted evaluator to fulfill the region’s goals around data collection and evaluation. Identifies and manages evaluation strategy.

· Supports and ensures progress in utilization of CIP funds by each community in accordance with grant requirements. Provide support and resources for LNs.

· Identifies contracts and oversees the work of all subcontractors associated with the capacity building work in Region 4.

Other Duties:

· Attends Best Start Community Partnership meetings and gatherings with leaders of these partnerships.

· Monitors contract program performance against projected performance of all subcontractors to ensure that objectives are met.

· Fulfills a key role in identifying resources (funding, donations, and in-kind) to support the work of the Community Partnerships beyond First 5 LA funding.

· Assists in developing, monitoring and administering budgets, scopes of services, and consulting agreements.

· Supports program staff in generating timely, reliable periodic reports to First5 that ensure fiscal accountability of programs.

· Serves on communities of practice sessions, on local committees and advisory boards as necessary.

· Supervises, evaluates and supports subordinate staff, as necessary.

· Other duties as assigned.

Desired Qualifications

· Knowledge in supporting systems change work at the community level.

· Ability to think strategically and assess effectiveness.

· Strong ability to act with autonomy; exhibit innovative and creative approaches to provide solutions and improve TNP’s processes.

· Creative and critical thinker with the ability to manage multiple priorities.

· Capable of excelling in a fast pace environment with multiple and competing priorities.

· Adept problem-solver, including the ability to identify issues and problem solve in a timely manner.

· Excellent communicator with exceptional interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills.

· Prior experience in convening groups and building collaboration across groups.

· At least four (4) years of project/program management experience in planning, design, contract monitoring, evaluation, and community engagement. Prior experience in the nonprofit sector and systems change or advocacy work desired.

· Willing and able to travel about 40% of the month with some evening hours required.

· Proficiency in using Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook. Experience with Salesforce preferred.

· Familiarity with Long Beach, Wilmington and surrounding communities preferred.

· Bachelor’s degree in a related field; advanced degree a plus.

To Apply:

Submit cover letter and resume to by November 22, 2019.

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