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Position: HIV & STI Testing Counselor
Department: Health Services
Reports To: Director of Health Services
Salary: $16.00/hour
Status: Non-Exempt/ Full Time (40 hours a week)
Benefits: Medical, Vision, Dental, Paid Sick, Vacation, 401(k) with Employer Contribution,
and Optional Life/Critical Illness Insurance
Schedule: Tuesday-Saturday
Probation: 90 days

Directly supervised by the Director of Health Services, the HIV & STI Testing Counselor will provide HIV testing, STI screening, counseling and education within the Health Services Department at the LGBTQ Center Long Beach. This position will be responsible for the collection of testing specimens via finger-stick for rapid HIV testing, venipuncture, throat, endocervical and rectal swab and urinalysis for STI screening. The primary focus for this position will be conducting rapid HIV tests, STI screening, completing required documentation and data collection for key stakeholders and ensuring the program meets its monthly and yearly goals and objectives. Medical back-office administrative responsibilities will include, but not be limited to: data collection, medical records review, and filing, linkage to medical care coordination, treatment planning and placing orders for medical supplies.
*$500 sign-on bonus for current California HIV certified testers
$500 sign-on bonus for current phlebotomy certification

 Facilitate client flow and coordination of all HIV/STI testing clients
 Provide coverage for additional testing hours, special events and short staffing as needed
 Follow universal safety precautions at all times
 Triage HIV positive clients to local medical facilities and other community resources
 Maintain medical records with accurate, current and legible updates as required by funder
 Provide and maintain a customer service atmosphere which incorporates the standards and protocols of the Health Services Department and The LGBTQ Center Long Beach

 Provide rapid HIV testing and counseling
 Collect specimens for STI screening and coordinate processing for pick up
 Complete lab requisitions and additional laboratory materials, including specimen containers and forms
 Assist in the preparation and disclosure of test results
 Provide sexual health education and counseling regarding HIV/STI infection, transmission, prevention and testing
 Assist the on-site nurse practitioner with medical examinations, treatment documentation and maintenance

 Support clinic flow, clinic sign in process and client files
 Participate in staff meetings and other meetings, on behalf of The Center, as needed
 Attend and participate in local community events as needed
 Strong computer skills and knowledge including MS Word, Outlook, Excel and other software
 Must be able to create, maintain and update clients online database and electronic appointment system

 Participate in program planning through interdisciplinary team meetings
 Collaborate across the Center and relevant partner agencies to coordinate appropriate client referrals
 Attend continuing education and training seminars, staff in-services and stay abreast of relevant literature to maintain familiarity with trends in prevention services

 1 year of experience in providing safer sex, sexual health or medical services is preferred
 Able to work in a high-volume fast paced environment with minimal supervision
 Ability to manage stressful and triggering situations with clients by using a trauma informed model
 Experience (paid or volunteer) in HIV/STI education or counseling
 Knowledge of HIV/STD infection, transmission, prevention and sexual health practices
 Ability to network with local community resources and referrals
 Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including strong interpersonal and organization skills
 Knowledge of community resources and local referrals for HIV/STI, mental health, case management and additional appropriate client-centered referrals
 Demonstrated ability to work effectively with a variety of gender identities of diverse races, ethnicities, ages and sexual orientations in a multicultural environment
 Ability to adapt to new HIV/STI testing technologies and procedures as needed

 State certification in HIV Counseling (Basic I and Basic II; preferred, not required)
 Phlebotomy Certification; preferred
 Interest in Counseling, Public Health, Human Services or related field a plus.
 This position is full-time with benefits located in Long Beach, CA with the following hours, 5 days per week:
Weekdays 12:00pm-9:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-5:30pm

We are looking for someone who works well under pressure, is able to communicate with clients who are in need of individual counseling about various topics including sex, drugs, varying types of abuse including mental physical and emotional. Demonstrate the ability to work with clients who may disclose relationship stressors and social issues commonly seen in the LGBTQ community. Some of these issues may be traumatic and require a high level of openmindedness and empathy from staff who work with these cases. We prefer a person who understands the difference between hearing and listening and has experience providing/conducting counseling sessions. Candidate must demonstrate an ability to speak comfortably about HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections, sex, injection drug use, transgender health and risk factors, young adults of color, women’s health and develop a behavior modification plan within a counseling session.

The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach is an equal opportunity employer. Applications are encouraged from anyone regardless of their race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender identity, marital status, religious creed, sexual orientation or age.

Please send a cover letter and resume as a PDF attached document to Ismael Salamanca, Director of Health Services by email to

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