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Our donors help to strengthen the nonprofit sector, empower hundreds of nonprofit organizations, and support thriving communities across Southern California. Supporting TNP allows us to meet the growing demand of our community organizations by providing them with resources and tools for success as they strive to transform our communities. Thank you for supporting the nonprofit sector through the nonprofit partnership.

Contributions will support nonprofit as we move into a new year in 2021 with:

  • Responsive, personalized services from nonprofit experts.
  • Affordable access to high quality resources to help nonprofit professionals effectively manage their organization.
  • Collaborative opportunities within the nonprofit sector- their leaders, funders, supporters and constituents.
  • Sponsor a Nonprofit and Corporate Sponsorship– Invest in a nonprofit organization for a year of professional development with The Nonprofit Partnership, or support the ongoing work of TNP.

Please use the donation form below to make your contribution today!

For more information on how you can support your community by donating to The Nonprofit Partnership, or more information on planned giving, please contact Michelle Byerly at 562-888-6530 or email

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