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Director Grantsmanship Services Position Description (Community Works Consulting Inc.)

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About the Director of Grantsmanship Services

Community Works Consulting is seeking a Director of Grantsmanship to oversee the growth of a highly successful grantsmanship line of service. Reporting to the Founder/CEO, the new Director of Grantsmanship has the opportunity build upon a 16-year long track record of excellence in serving the nonprofit community and grow the Grantsmanship business line to the next level. Leading the Grantsmanship Team, the Director of Grantsmanship will ensure the quality standards and effective stewardship CWC clients have come to expect.

The goals of the position are to:

• Successfully grow the Grantsmanship line of services through relationship-based acquisition and retention of clients for whom CWC is a good fit and for whom our client-centered, full service Grantsmanship approach can be successful, resulting in the highest client satisfaction, multi-year engagements and new client referrals.
• Direct and expand the Grantsmanship Team by providing guidance and support for each Team member and to the Team as a whole that encourages the full use of available talents and each member’s highest-level of work. Hire skilled Team members as needed who fit CWC’s culture and business model.
• Build upon and expand Grantsmanship standards, processes and procedures to maintain the highest quality products, successful long-term client engagements, and support a mutually supportive experience for the Team.
• Track CWC’s Grantsmanship Program’s outcomes across multiple indicators so that CWC can consistently tell its story, assess ongoing success rates, and provide specific feedback to clients and Grantsmanship Leads.

Job Responsibilities

Grant Writing (50%) – Serve as Grantsmanship Lead for approximately 4 clients on retainer. Our grant writing/
grant Lead work includes:
• Analyze clients’ existing funding strategies, sources, and funder relationships.
• Gain understanding of clients’ programs sufficient to be able to write and speak accurately and compellingly about the client and their purpose, work, and vision.
• Review with and help client determine programs CWC will focus on for fundraising purposes.
• Assist in estimating fundraising goals where appropriate.
• Communicate with funder representatives on client’s behalf regarding submissions, reporting, etc. as agreed
upon and as appropriate to client relationship with funder.
• Write client deliverables (Letters of Interest, cover letters, proposals, thank you letters, report documents and
other strategic communications) that support clients’ funding relationships and submission process. Do so within the CWC Style Guide parameters and in a manner that compellingly tells the clients’ story while also fulfilling all funder requirements and completely answering all posed submission questions.
• Research prospective foundation and corporate funding sources, and where indicated, government funders,
that strongly align funder interests and clients’ work; rate the level of alignment to help prioritize submissions.
• Work with clients to develop strategies to approach specific funders.
• Interview clients for submissions as needed to ensure that CWC has and is using the best and most current information about the client and its programs.
• Support creation of presentation budgets, board of director lists, and other attachment requirements as needed.
• Provide highest quality client engagement experience by providing consistent communication to keep client informed about progress, next steps, deadlines, proposal needs, and more. Communicate consistently to manage work via:
◦ Develop and maintain work plans and tracking sheets, using CWC’s format.
◦ Schedule and lead twice monthly virtual meetings/phone calls with clients to manage workflow and
review work plans; adjust as needed for the client’s schedule.
◦ Ensure client is never waiting to hear from us and manage communication so that they are never wondering
what is happening on their behalf.
• Maintain accurate electronic files of all products produced, critical communication between or on behalf of, or information received from clients and for CWC; file these documents in the appropriate shared drive of CWC in a timely manner to ensure access to files by all team members who provide client services.
• Maintain data for each client regarding submissions, responses, etc. in order to assess CWC’s success rates.

Manage Grantsmanship Team (20%) – Manage, Direct and Lead the Grantsmanship Team, including:
• Client Strategies – Support Leads with discussions about how to best approach or frame requests; ensure they have the chance to explore options for approach to support and/or adjust their thinking.
• Grantsmanship Lead Support – Work with each Grantsmanship Lead on a regular basis to ensure they are provided with the best support available including: assessing work capacity, funder/client strategy exploration, assignment of background writers, prospect researchers, reviewer coordination, and grant administrative support.
• Grant Team Direction – In addition to grantsmanship Leads, the Grantsmanship Team includes reviewers, background writers, and grant coordinators, prospect researchers and administrative support contractors and staff. The Director will manage the full team, ensuring that each is matched appropriately for their skills and work load capacity.
• Team Experience – CWC currently has nine members in its grant team that fill a variety of positions, with a mix of employees and contractors, part time and full time. We consciously create an experience of being a part of a team, of mutual support and connectedness, encouraging long-term relationships amongst Team members and between Team members and CWC.
• Hire Contractors/Grant Staff – As the program grows, and as needed to fill out the grant team, the Director will lead the hiring / contracting process once it is mutually determined that a new position is needed. The Director will conduct onboarding and orientation for any new grant team staff/contractor.

Quality/Brand Management (10%) – CWC’s company/corporate brand is grounded in the experience clients have of engaging with the company across all possible touch points. We believe that a quality experience and Brand go hand-in-hand. Since its founding, most client engagements come through referrals made by current and past clients due to this commitment to a high-quality experience. The Director will manage Quality and Brand for the Grantsmanship Program, including:
• Work with CEO to document standards for grantsmanship approach and client engagement. Use to manage team quality.
• Where indicated, work with CEO to establish new standards, processes or procedures that further enhance the quality of our products, the experience of our clients, or the outcomes of our work.
• Ensure the current internal process/procedures are adhered to by all Grant Leads unless specific circumstances indicate otherwise.
• Director will occasionally conduct reviews of proposals/written documents for the Leads, either to accommodate vacation schedules amongst Reviewers or to assess a Leads ongoing writing, or at the request of the Lead who is seeking specific support.

Business Development / Growth Management (15%) – There are company goals in place for long-term growth of this program. Working with the CEO, the Director will oversee business development and growth management, with the following responsibilities:
• Client Assessment – The Director will field referral interest from prospective clients and conduct initial assessments for client readiness for CWC’s model of grantsmanship services as well as client’s readiness to work with a consultant/contractor.
• Client Engagement – The Director will negotiate scopes-of-work with prospective clients and assess and assign best match for Grantsmanship Leads for new clients. They may also participate in aspects of the onboarding process, such as project launch calls.
• Business Development – The Director will work with the CEO to develop a system to generate qualified leads for grant clients, either through a referral generation process, a lead generation process, or some combination of both. Once developed, the Director will manage this procedure when new clients are desired.

Tracking/ Metrics (5%) – Working with operations, put into place and manage a system to track CWC grant submissions and results across all clients and Grantsmanship Leads. CWC tracks funded versus submitted; amount asked and amount received; ROI; and a few other indicators of success regarding building capacity for our clients.

The Perfect Candidate has the exciting opportunity to build out a highly successful line of service and will bring to the position:
• 10 years minimum experience in fundraising with a proven grant fundraising track record.
• Successful experience with and knowledge of foundation and corporate grant fundraising.
• Proven experience managing teams of staff and/or contractors.
• The experience and knowledge to confidently discuss client issues with Foundation Program Officers and other prospective funder representatives.
• Non-profit management experience that includes understanding of non-profit systems, funding sources, budgets, audits, form 990s, etc.
• Excellent writing skills and communication skills.
• Excellent relationship and stewardship skills for developing long-term relationships with staff, contractors and clients.
• Ability to work with wide variety of non-profit fields and passion for learning.
• Initiative and problem solving with the ability to take prompt action to solve problems, act on own judgement without prompting, look to go beyond role requirements to achieve objectives, analyze problems and think creatively to negotiate and implement sound solutions.
• Ability to manage multiple deadlines at one time for different projects and/or clients.
• Ability to work remotely, without supervision, while providing clients’ and team members with consistent communication, support and product.
• Comfort with change and an ability to bring initiative, curiosity and an entrepreneurial approach to the work.

About Community Works Consulting
Founded in 2005, Community Works Consulting (CWC) is a mission-driven consulting firm that helps Nonprofits and Funders create long-term sustainable change. We are a team of passionate nonprofit and philanthropy advocates who offer creative, collaborative approaches to meet the needs of our clients. Our mission – We help nonprofits to be strong, powerful change makers – is delivered through four lines of services, including:
Facilitation & Planning –The team’s specialty is to create safe, engaging environments where everyone involved has a voice and that encourage the best thinking of all involved, whether it is a small meeting or a communitywide planning effort.
Capacity Building – Through capacity building work, CWC identifies and supports the implementation of systems that improve organizations’ use of resources, increase positive outcomes, and strengthen an agency’s overall capacity to fulfill their mission.
Philanthropy Services – CWC partners with foundations, corporations, and individuals across a diverse range of sectors and issue areas to create meaningful and effective philanthropy.
Grantsmanship Services – CWC offers full-service, strategic grant support that not only raises money for our client’s work, but strengthens their overall capacity for fundraising.

Grantsmanship Services
Community Works Consulting (CWC) recognizes that there are many models for delivering successful grant writing services. We believe it is important to understand CWC’s approach when considering this position. With a focus on corporate and foundation grant funding, CWC’s Grantsmanship model offers a full-service, virtual grants department approach which includes: program development support, prospect research, funder engagement, excellence in writing, support with budgeting where appropriate, tracking status of proposals/relationships with funders, creation of work plans to manage work flow with client, and other aspects of a successful grant program. There is a team approach to the work, with Lead Grants Specialists, Grants Coordinators/Admin support, Prospect Researchers, and Internal Reviewers (all products are reviewed prior to going to a client). This model allows for long-term relationships with clients and a work approach that is tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Companywide, the Grantsmanship team averages a funding rate of 60% of all dollars requested being funded, raising approximately $3-million annually in foundation and corporate grants for clients. The companywide average return on investment is nearly eleven dollars raised for every dollar of service cost and the average cost of fundraising is 10%. Although we specialize in private grants, we will work on government grant submissions when an existing client requests that support. Those statistics are tracked separately.

Vision & Mission
– We envision a consulting firm that: Is a powerful partner to the California nonprofit sector; Is home to a cadre of highly effective, passionate and successful consulting professionals; and, Has a statewide reputation for producing extraordinary, sustainable results.

Mission – We help nonprofit organizations to be strong, powerful change makers.

Values as Published In Action as a Standard
Passion – We choose clients based upon the people,
our passions, and the project’s viability.
Hold a passion for the non-profit sector and for doing
an excellent job on behalf of those we serve.
Service – We are here to be of service to our client’s
mission, vision, values and leadership.
Embrace being of service to the needs of our clients;
the work we do is theirs to own and our success on
their behalf is their success.
Trust – We strive to build trusting relationships,
through extraordinary customer service that lasts
well beyond our initial engagement.
Engage with clients and each other honestly and with
compassion, listening to what is needed or to what is
happening, and not judging as we try to help clients
or one another.
Sustainability – We strive to create positive,
sustainable change that strengthens our clients’ work
and facilitates their ability to produce desired results.
Make choices that are best for the growth, strength
and sustainability of our clients, and not about what
is easiest to implement.
Abundance – We are committed to creating
abundance for all involved: clients, contractors and
Strive for a balance of work that pays well and fairly
and also is good for our clients. We never take work
just for money; we also rarely discount our rates
unless there is a strategic reason.
Courage – We are committed to positive change,
often requiring thoughtful risks. Mistakes are
inevitable. We own them and learn from them.
Admit and discuss mistakes internally with the team
and with our clients; learn from these mistakes.

The salary range for this position begins at $80,000 to $95,000 per year, plus a year-end discretionary bonus.

CWC offers a competitive/comprehensive benefits package including health, vision, and dental insurance, and a 401K plan.

Work Location
This is a remote position. The Director of Grantsmanship can be located anywhere in the US. The position may require occasional travel.

Diversity & Equity
Community Works Consulting is an equal opportunity employer. We embrace the powerful creativity that diversity brings and strive to build a workforce that champions equity, values difference, and celebrates unique perspectives.

How to Apply

Submit your Resume and cover letter outlining your interest and qualifications for the position via email at:

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