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Community Promotor/a (Promoter) (Para Los Niños)

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Job Title: Community Promotor/a (Promoter)
Department/Location: Community Resilience/Westmoreland
Status: Non-Exempt / Full Time
Supervision: Director of Community Resilience

Para Los Niños
Para Los Niños (PLN) is a nonprofit organization that has worked for more than thirty years to create academic success and social well bring for children. Through early education centers, charter schools, and wellness centers, it offers high quality education integrated with family support, mental health services, and community engagement opportunities to thousands of children living in at-risk neighborhoods in Los Angeles County.

Our Innovations 2 Community Resilience Program funded by the Department of Mental Health (DMH), will focus on building resilient families to prevent and address community trauma and provide trauma informed psycho-education and support to community residents, child care providers, early education centers, and elementary and middle schools within 12 identified zip codes.
Under the supervision of the Director of Community Resilience, the Community Promotor/a (Promoter) will be a direct link to the Innovations 2 Community Resilience community. As a community liaison, Promotor/a (Promoter) will promote the program within twelve zip codes in Supervisorial District 1, and specifically within the sector of the community in which the Promotor/a (Promoter) is assigned to. The Promotor/a (Promoter) will build the capacity of community leadership groups that will develop community leadership to address trauma and train community members and residents to train other residents in resiliency based trauma interventions.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
 Partners with community organization leadership, local stakeholders, Early Childhood leadership, local elementary and middle schools, local faith-based institutions, medical clinics and community gathering spaces to engage local residents in zip code focused community impact groups.
 Creates and maintains a respectful and trustful relationship with all stakeholders involved in the Community Resilience Program.
 Aids in the implementation of the Program through participating in appropriate meetings and program activities.
 Acts as the community liaison for the Program, serving a designated sector of the community.
 Trains and communicates with community members on how trauma impacts health and communities.
 Works directly with assigned Community Resilience Neighborhood Leadership Groups and Task Forces and representatives in leading, coaching and developing community member skills in pre and post meeting management, planning, logistics, documentation, outreach and follow-up which includes creation of agendas, printing, tracking and scanning attendance sign-in sheets, recording, typing and printing meeting notes, preparing and providing meeting materials such as healthy snacks, transportation support, and supplies and following up with group representatives and attendees with next steps and meeting announcements.
 Works directly with Parent Leaders to provide support with leadership and capacity building skill development around facilitation, community engagement, resource linkage, trauma and resiliency education and capacity building, and the Community Resiliency Model.
 Assists with the design and dissemination of culturally appropriate materials and resources for program activities.
 Engages and provide information to community residents, partners, and community agencies about the Community Resilience Program and activities at community fairs, events and other outreach opportunities.
 Conducts presentations and provide information to community residents, partners, and schools about the program and activities.
 Works in collaboration with other Community Promotor/a (Promoter), Community Resilience staff, and key partners to increase awareness of community needs and ensure referrals are made social support resources and services including mental health referrals when necessary.
 Participates in related program trainings and meetings, as required.
 Develops and implement educational workshops and presentations.
 Trains parents and promoters to plan community events and projects to develop and promote parent leadership skills around trauma and community resilience.
 Trains parents and promoters on the Community Resiliency Model (CRM) and develop resident and community member skills in training CRM to others in ongoing sustainable ways.
 Coordinates community assessments between PLN Evaluation Department, Community Resilience Promotoras, and partnership members.
 Other duties as assigned and deemed appropriate by the Community Resilience Director.

Other Responsibilities:
 Must have the ability to nurture respectful relationships with Partnership members, including Community Resilience staff and contractors, community agencies and leaders, and parents and other community stakeholders. Must be sensitive to the cultural needs of all participants in the Community Resilience program.

 Combination of training, certification and experience in community outreach and organizing may substitute for higher education requirement. Promoter Certificate is preferred. Certificates related to health education, child development and family capacities are preferred.
 Strong experience working with the Latino Community, experience working with African American and/or Korean Communities is a plus.
 Strong written and verbal communication skill in Spanish, English is a plus.
 Ability to facilitate and guide parents and community members to work together to articulate their needs, clarify and identify their problems, explore resolution strategies, select and apply intervention strategies, and develop their capacities to deal with their own problems more effectively.
 Ability to maintain positive relationships with parents, community members, agency staff, and Para Los Niños personnel.
 Creates a feeling of confidence in parents/families, so they can comfortably express questions and concerns to be able to participate and lead Community Resilience efforts.
 Able to work in an autonomous setting, yet function as part of a larger team.
 Excellent organization skills, self-starter, can do attitude and positive approach.
 Ability to handle multiple tasks.
 Ability to handle confidential and time sensitive material.
 Computer confident (Windows, MS Word, Internet), social media such as Facebook and Twitter is a plus.
 Understand and support the program.
 Extensive experience working in the community, and knowledge of Para Los Niños and local community agencies or service providers also working in the area.
 Experience working in a multicultural settings and sensitive to multicultural issues.
 Ability to work a flexible schedule, which will include occasional evenings and/or weekends.
Special Requirements:
 TB test, to be renewed every two years.  Must have a reliable automobile for use on the job (mileage to be reimbursed), Valid California Driver License. State required automobile insurance coverage.
 Satisfactory completion of all background screening requirements
Physical Requirements:
 Must be able to carry out all essential functions satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job.
 Approximately 50 percent of time is spent sitting. However, will frequently be required to walk, stand and bend. Must be able to talk and hear well. Good vision is imperative. Occasionally required to stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl.
 Required to lift and/or move unassisted up to 25 pounds.

Expectations for All Para Los Niños Staff
Candidates for employment at a Para Los Niños, regardless of position, will consistently demonstrate the following:
 Unwavering belief in and commitment to fulfill the mission of Para Los Niños.
 Deep commitment to the success of all PLN students and families
 Commitment to excellence and high standards — for self, students, and colleagues.
 Continuous learning by engaging in reflection, self-assessment, and individual professional development.
 Use of data to inform decisions and drive continuous improvement.
 Ability to thrive as a member of a collaborative team.
 Self-motivation and initiative with solutions-oriented disposition.
 Belief in and ability to develop respectful relationship with parents and children marked by sensitivity to the students’ cultural and socioeconomic characteristics.
 Excellent oral and written communication skills.
 Ability to effectively handle challenging situations
 Comfort with basic Microsoft Office applications and a curiosity and propensity to push own adoption of new technology and approaches.
 Regular, punctual attendance and professional appearance.

Para Los Niños is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer Acknowledgement
My signature below acknowledges that I have been given a copy of this job position description and I have read the above job description and I agree that I can perform the responsibilities and meet the requirements as presented. I understand this job description provides a general outline of job responsibilities and requirements and it is not intended to be all-inclusive. I understand and agree that nothing in this job description should be construed as a contract of employment, and that employment with Para Los Niños is at-will meaning terms of employment may be changed with our without notice, with or without cause, including, but not limited to termination, demotion, promotion, transfer, compensation, benefits, duties, and location of work.
Para Los Niños at its sole and absolute discretion, expressly reserves the right to modify, supplement, delete or augment the duties and responsibilities specified in this and all job descriptions.
Print Name: ____________________________________________________________
Signature: ____________________________________________________________
Date: ______________________

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