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Board Members (The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival)

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 The Los Angeles Women’s Theater Festival
* A Multicultural Festival of Woman Solo Artists*

Mission Statement

The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival (“LAWTF”) was organized to provide a vehicle for the development of women artists utilizing theatre to educate, enlighten and empower solo artists, audiences and volunteers.

Responsibilities of Individual Board Members

  1. Serve a one-year term on the Board with an option for re-election.
  2. Annual gift of $1000.00. Give or raise an annual tax deductible gift of $1,000.00 by December 31st of each year.
  3. Contribute to fundraising projects and events through personal contributions and/or by generating support from friends and other contacts.
  4. Attend at least 75% of the regular meetings of the LAWTF. When unable to attend, call in advance to let the Chairperson or the Executive Director know that you will not be in attendance.
  5. Serve on at least one Board Committee. (i.e. Board Development, Finance/Fundraising, Corporate Marketing/PR, etc.)
  6. Attend, when possible, all special activities of the Board, including fundraising events and such Board events or retreats as may be planned.
  7. Be familiar with the By-laws. Keep your Board “files” up-to-date by adding new materials as you receive them.
  8. Stay well-informed about LAWTF business by careful reading minutes of the Board meetings, financial statements, and other materials. Take seriously the legal, fiscal and ethical responsibilities the Board carries. Be aware of and notice community activities and legal/political developments, etc., which may impact LAWTF and/or its programs and bring them to the attention of the Board at its meetings.
  9. Either lend skills or provide advice in your area of expertise.
  10. Function as a goodwill ambassador and spokesperson for LAWTF and its programs.
  11. Assist in the recruitment of volunteers and committee members to augment the Board.
  12. Board members are encouraged to draft, implement and access individual annual goals that will enhance the Board.

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to

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