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Announcement: Free ad space for volunteers in Press-Telegram

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Help us, help you! The Volunteer Center South Bay-Harbor-Long Beach is offering to help 501c3 nonprofits find volunteers to assist you with your mission. We have a weekly opportunity to list your volunteer opportunities in the Long Beach Press-Telegram, at no charge to you to help you find just the talent you are looking for.

Just provide us with a 40 to 60 word blurb including information about your organization, the type of volunteer jobs you have available and whether it is for a one-time event or an ongoing activity. If you have a specific type of volunteer needed (over 18, skilled in excel, able to lift heavy items, etc.) please include that as well. Please be sure to send your contact information along as well, but we will not include it in the paper. Your contact information will be provided once the volunteer calls the Volunteer Center.

Please email your blurbs to Melissa McCormick, Director of Volunteer Services:

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